Tips for Getting the Best SEO Professional

When you hand over the work of SEO to some professional, whether an individual or the company, you are not just giving a website to them but also entrusting them the work of developing a brand for your business. You need to ensure that you have the right person who understands not just the SEO but also has the broader perspective of brand management and fully understands what it stands for. Here are some essential ways of finding the right person.

1. Preliminary searches using online and offline media: Search engines and social media resources are two main online resources where you can find a good number of SEO professionals. Another major source could be the online job portals where you can find a number of independent SEO consultants. However, you shall not discount the offline methods such as asking your friends and other contacts for finding the right person. Social media resources such as professional and social networks can be used to good effect. The SEO professional who has been recommended, referred or endorsed by your friends or other contacts can also be of significant help in finding the right person.

2. Work Samples or Case studies: The samples of work shall be asked for from the shortlisted professionals which they shall be more than willing to share with you. You shall ideally seek the information about the most current project being handled by them since you can verify their claims on ranking easily by checking the latest ranks in search engines. These case studies could also be listed on their websites or portfolios.

However, some of the SEO professionals might not have their portfolios on the web. In this case, you shall read the articles and posts written by these professional to know what are their reflections on SEO.

3. Experience of working in your domain: While checking the work samples or portfolio, you shall take note of the diversity of work handled and whether he or she has the experience of working in the domain of your business.

4. Ask about their SEO work methodologies: While the methodologies can vary from one business to the other, you can seek a general overview of what he or she plans to do for your work for achieving the stated objectives. This would invariably involve providing a list of activities to be done.

5. Judge by realism and practicality: There is a very thin line dividing the confidence of achieving the results and the unrealistic boastfulness of achieving the results. You need to be good at judging this divide while searching for the right SEO professional. The promise of quick results, money back guarantees and other such offers might be really tempting but whether that is the result of confidence gained out of experience or sheer boastfulness, needs to be judged.

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