Avoiding Negative SEO, Spamming, Black Hat Methods and Other Issues

While it is important to teach all the positive and standard activities, it is also important to teach candidates about the strict “do nots”. These include links and keywords spamming, duplicacy issues, Black Hat methods of SEO and many other similar activities.

Google-related information

1. The rules and guidelines of various SEO related information is available in the Webmasters tools and Webmasters Central Blog of Google.
2. Besides providing this information, there is also a need to tell them how the Google search engine and updated from time to time and how SEO has changed along with. This shall be done in order to bring them in the know of current state of SEO and how is it likely to evolve in future.

Important web resources related to SEO

Besides Google, there are a some web resources which are considered to be authority in SEO. The training shall not only include informing the candidates about these resources but also be trained to cultivate their own natural thinking related to this field so that they can devise their own strategies of doing the SEO. These would serve as the future reference resources for studying what is the latest development in this field.

Google Analytics

It is very important to train the candidates on how to setup Google Analytics in the site and analyse data reports so that you can check the performance of your SEO efforts? Candidate shall be taught on how to set up conversions correctly? Analysis and reporting shall be taught in detail since the SEO professionals need the correct analysis to base their future course of action on.

These are some of the main areas which a SEO training shall include in its curriculum in order to make a knowledgeable SEO professional. It is to be remembered that certain skills and specialties like website development technologies and content writing are also vital to be aware of but only that much part shall be emphasised in training which is important from SEO perspective. There shall be a distinctive marketing orientation to develop an SEO-oriented thought process.

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