Protecting E-books: Looking at Realistic Answers

The market for e-books is growing exponentially. Since it first became popular in 2008, the e-book market grew by more than 1000% in 2010 and by more than 500% from 2010 to 2013. While the combined categories of print books declined by over 25%, over the same period of time, sales figures reveal that e-book sales in the month of January 2011 alone increased by over 170%!


This poses a huge dilemma for publishers: how can the distribution of e-books continue to rise, while preventing them from being spread illegally by the customer? How can e-books be protected with effective Digital Rights Management, while not enclosing users in trapped and closed arrangements of specialized reading tools?

If publishers choose to immobilize e-book publications within a claustrophobic ecosystem, doing so will not only rile the customer but also spread negative publicity, thus hampering the popularity and sales of the books.

In addition to incorporating Digital Rights Management in e-books, it is also imperative that publishers look for legal executions against the forces that promote e-book file sharing. Legal experts suggest a blend of existing DMCA rules, along with document DRM to render a degree of protective covering that is minimally needed to impose against pre-owned e-book stores, resellers and libraries.

Currently publishers employ heavy DRM in the e-book market that has helped to a certain extent in preventing the distribution of the books openly. Along with existing legal mechanisms, even clever copyright breakers will find it almost impossible to indulge in widespread distribution.

The answer to publishers’ dilemma maybe thus: e-books may be created in the format of the publisher’s choice (PDF, epub etc.), with watermarks located arbitrarily throughout the book – both noticeable and concealed. The watermark would hold the personal details of the buyer who purchased the book with a legal caution not to resell or circulate the book in any way. The buyer who has bought such an e-book would have to accept the terms and conditions that would forbid the circulation and replication of the book, along with a message that the buyer’s personal details would be conspicuously exposed on the book as a warning against circulating or replicating in infringement of the arrangement.

The idea of placing a watermark that captures the buyer’s personal details is to initiate a deterrent for the buyer from transferring the book to unidentified arbitrators, thus appointing the buyer to function as a ‘door’ guard, warding the book from unlawful circulation. If the buyer attempts to remove the watermark from the document, it becomes an infringement of the DMCA laws.

The publisher could also embed serial numbers of the e-book and publisher information within the watermark. This could further provide an additional blanket of security to the wrongful circulation of the e-book, as it falls under the DMCA laws wherein removing publisher information is prohibited.

This form ofEnterprise PDF DRMis not only unique but also strengthens the protection of the PDF document. What is of prominent importance to the e-book publisher is that there should be a way of distributing e-books with as little obstruction as possible, while ensuring that publishers can institute legal proceedings against pirates and prevent the unlawful resale, illegal rental and file sharing of e-books. Implementing DRM along with DMCA laws is one way e-book publishers can help in unlawful dissemination of their e-books.

Call blocking: A key defence for householders against sales calls

From busy parents to elderly people living alone, cold callers evoke an entire range of negative feelings including those of inconvenience, annoyance and even distress. According to the independent communications regulator Ofcom there are several avenues of action available to householders, such as contacting the company responsible for the call to inform them that their attention is unwanted, and registering the house number with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) or Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) in order to stop unsolicited phone calls. 

However, though calls made to numbers that are registered with the TPS from UK-based companies are unlawful there are no restrictions on calls from companies where the householder has ‘opted in’, market research calls, calls from companies based abroad or scam calls. Also companies that contravene these measures, though putting themselves at risk of reprimand, remain able to plague householders for as long as they are able to evade the authorities. 


Some householders have gone a step further in their bid to protect their landline from unwanted calls by investing in a call blocking service such as the ones available from CPR, TrueCall and Group Utilities. The latter’s Community CallBlocker is currently turning heads with its unique community-based blocking network:

Community Blocking:
The Community CallBlocker, available from, compiles a list of every number blocked by any of its users and makes this list available to every Community CallBlocker unit. In this way all members of the community help to protect each other as one nuisance call received by one unit will automatically block the number from contacting any other user. The community-sourced blocklist database is continually being updated with the company claiming to give users protection from 99% of national and international scam numbers. 

Allowing friends and family:

Clearly there would be a problem if call blockers excluded all phone calls including those from family and friends. However, Community CallBlocker asks all first-time callers to confirm they are a friendly caller, which puts them onto the user’s accept list. Any sneaky sales caller who attempts to do this can be immediately blocked by the user after the call has finished. Subsequent calls from the same number will be blocked by the original user and the entire community.

Customisation and ease of use:

The Community CallBlocker unit acts as a buffer between the householder’s phone line and handset with no need for external power sources nor batteries. The community blocklist is updated through the phone line automatically so a user is not required to download the latest data manually nor establish a wifi connection. 

However, accept list and block list settings are fully customisable for each unit so that should a user wish to hear from a particularly company they can do so. Though deactivated by default a user can choose to enable their unit to record calls from salespeople, which can then be sent to Ofcom and the police for use as evidence.


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BYOD and the Mobile Landscape for Businesses

Mobile devices nowadays can do almost everything that a desktop computer can. Many smartphones have the capacity to check emails, create documents, store data and play videos. Tablets are fast replacing laptops as mobile computing devices with operating systems becoming more advanced and versatile.

BYOD in the Office

Because of this, a new phenomenon in IT is quickly spreading from company to company. The Bring Your Own Device or BYOD system allows employees to use their own mobile devices or laptops in the office. Instead of doing work on a company computer, employees are free to work on their own gadgets.


Benefits of BYOD

Some benefits of adapting the Bring-Your-Own-Device philosophy include:

  • An increase in productivity and innovation as employees are more comfortable using their personal devices. They are often experts at utilising all the features of their tablet, phone or laptop and so can use them more productively. They are also sure to update their mobile devices more frequently than companies would their hardware. This gives them a significant advantage over employees of other companies that work on company devices that may be out-dated or slower to use.

  • A rise in employee satisfaction due to giving employees the freedom to use their personal devices for work. Individuals today value their devices a great deal and would surely appreciate being given the flexibility to use devices they own themselves.

  • Savings on cost, especially for start-ups. Instead of having to invest in computers, peripherals and attachments, companies can transfer these costs to their employees.

Limitations of BYOD

There are also a handful of considerations that a company must address if they choose to adopt a BYOD scheme:

  • Strict control over sensitive data will have to be implemented. Your company will need to invest in a secure enterprise mobility management model that would have complete control over all mobile devices used by your employees. You would have to be able to track and secure all devices and applications installed on them.

  • As with all new technology/systems, there will always be teething problems. You need to make sure you have the right resources to handle a BYOD environment. Things to consider include a company-owned app store, capacity to handle support calls, employees unwilling to invest on their own, etc.

  • Compatibility issues would need to be addressed in cases where one employee owns an iOS device while another has Android. An easy fix would be to require all employees to use only one mobile operating system, but this may raise the problem of individuals not willing to invest in another device.

While BYOD may be a hot new trend in business, there are still a lot of issues to work out before it can become a viable solution for your company. Security would be the main concern with the BYOD structure, with IT managers having to keep up with each employee’s access to sensitive data. But no innovation is without risk and BYOD schemes are showing to have great potential despite the drawbacks. This is especially true for new businesses looking for ways to improve their IT structure without having to spend a fortune on hardware.

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Using Website Translations to Expand an Online Business

In today’s modern business world, it’s not enough to have a polished and engaging website. To really expand your business and to reach out to new clients, both based in the UK and overseas, it is imperative to translate your website into other languages. Doing so will ensure that everyone, regardless of nationality or language, will be able to understand your service or product and will feel safer and more assured in doing business with you.  Continue reading Using Website Translations to Expand an Online Business

OLX.In – The Best Place to Buy and Sell Your Bikes

It is found that many individual dealers in accordance to the owners are solely depending on OLX to sell their products like post your bike for free. It is a free classified website where one could easily find potential buyers murmuring to buy their product.

Bikes are one of the important sources of means of transport which most of the people are fond of. Bikes can be classified in many ways and can be depicted in many ways depending upon how you think to use it. OLX.In made it possible for everyone to avail the facility of having a bike, with few easy steps.

Firstly the ad posting facility is very simple, if you have necessary documents available with you. Be ready with documents along with high resolution pictures that would provide a great outlook of what your product actually is. Remember buyer will firstly go to see your interior and exterior part of the product then they will go for further verification of necessary documents.

For buyers it is essential that they should go for proper keyword along with choosing the right category which will ensure that they get satisfied results of their product. More possibilities are open for you like you can give your nearest landmark detail and you will be able to get details according to that which makes your transportation cost cheaper and you could get the product at little investment.

For seller it is mandatory that you should give a good ad title along with the correct description of what your product is. A unique attractive title makes it easier and more prominent for buyers to take initiative to it moreover search engine will also be able to get to it. Make sure the description of the product is more comprehensive and under stable so that it makes a proper sense to both buyers and sellers. As you can see that there is no limit around the word so you can possibly give all the common details of the product.

If you are with a mind set up to buy a thing instead of selling going to selling platform then also you are gladly accepted moreover a option to clarify by investing is also there which makes it more cool, isn’t that great?

OLX believes in direct interaction between the buyer and seller so you can find the contact information of the seller along with an option to email the sender. OLX works with or without an account but it is best you have an account with them as it will enable a wide range of opportunities for you. Easy configuration of your ads and with the ability of adding and removing ads make it more users’ friendly than other websites. Videos of cars are also enabled that will provide it with more sensation and feeling as one could easily make ideas from that and pictures from different angles are also present which enables it more comprehensive. You can easily get other information like the bike mileage, model, year are also highlighted in the box.


Who are we

We are OLX.In which dates back from the year 2006, it is having it’s headquarter at USA and is present widely in over 105 countries and available in more than 45 language so that everyone can easily access it. You can find it most of the time in your television screen as it also does television campaigns. Here two videos are illustrated below, which most of the people will find out in their tv screen. This is not the end we have some More videos for you too, you can subscribe us, follow us to get more updates about us.


There are lots of buyers who are looking to find bikes near their city, well OLX I s where your search ends and you can easily avail its wide range of products. Posting ads in OLX can also favor you to go to number one in search engine like Yahoo and others provided your title is awesome and unique. So if you are looking to buy a second hand bike or you want to sell your bike then OLX Is the best place where you can easily fulfill your dream. Let us know your views and you can easily take part in OLX forum discussion.

Dealing With Unsolicited Calls


Most people receive regular unsolicited phone calls from companies trying to sell something. Usually, a polite but firm “no” is enough to end the call. But there are companies which don’t give up so easily and their salesperson will try to keep you on the line, persuading you to listen to their special offer, or allow a representative to visit you to talk further. Often, even if you dismiss them, they continue to call back, sometimes on a regular basis. They are then spam or nuisance or spam calls.


Vulnerable people, such as the elderly, are often preyed upon by such companies. They play upon that vulnerability by suggesting that there will be all manner of catastrophe if the person does not buy their product. Often, the caller will start out being polite, but then become pushy to the point of rudeness, and even downright insulting.

Such calls can disrupt your life with people ringing when you are trying to eat, or at the weekend. You probably don’t even want new windows or to reclaim PPI, but you’re too polite to simply slam down the phone. The word ‘nuisance’ sometimes doesn’t even begin to cover it.

So what can you do?

You could try the advice offered by organisations such as Ofcom, and report incidents either to Ofcom itself, to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), or to the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). You can also register your telephone number with the TPS and make an official complaint about a persistent cold caller. In the case of abusive calls, report them to the police.

All of these can help to minimise the number of spam calls you receive, but they are more about complaining AFTER the event, in the hope of an investigation being started. 

How can you prevent such calls in the first place?
Prevention is more tricky. But there are companies, such as who say their Community Callblocker product can stop 99% of unwanted calls from sales, marketers, scams, and companies which harass.

Such software works by automatically blocking calls received from the company’s blocked list. With some similar companies, the service works by you blocking all your own nuisance calls to prevent a recurrence. But with the Community Callblocker, everyone using the system blocks such companies and those numbers are added to the blocked list which all users have pre-programmed into their phone system. This means that you get to avoid spam calls from companies who haven’t yet tried contacting you.

The inbuilt recorder system within the software also enables the recording of any spam calls which do get through, so that such evidence can be sent to the ICO, TPS, or the police, should you decide to make an official complaint.

The system also learns the important numbers you use so that family, friends, and trusted sources can immediately get through to you, even if they are overseas. All in all, such a product offers preventative measures so that if you have a bad experience with a spam caller, you don’t ever have to hear from them again, and neither does anyone else who uses the product.


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Using Computers to Boost Your Art

Technology is a great way to boost your artistic abilities. A computer can be used to create art, or simply to seek inspiration and learn new skills. Whatever your approach, you may find that technology is a valuable asset in developing your work.

There are multiple levels on which a computer can be used to help with your art. Even if your approach to art is very traditional, you may still find some ways to make technology useful.

boost art

Buying Supplies

It may be a simple point, but buying art supplies is essential in creating any form of artwork. The internet is a great place to purchase supplies for a couple of reasons. Firstly, online businesses are often cheaper than brick and mortar shops. This means that buying supplies online can save you money.

Secondly, buying online makes it easier to access a wider range of supplies. A site such as www.jacksonsart.comwill give you access to a very wide selection, and make it easy to browse the supplies on offer in your own time. When you order, the supplies will be delivered directly to you.

Creating Art

Purchasing a graphics tablet will enable you to create art on a computer using techniques similar to those found in traditional art. The tablet will include a stylus which is used in the same way as a pencil or paintbrush. This can be used with a standard graphics program, or one which is specifically designed to imitate the look of traditional materials like pencils and paint.

Even if you have little interest in creating your art digitally, some lower-end graphics tablets can be very affordable. Purchasing one may be a useful way to practice and try new things without using art supplies, and then transfer what you learn to traditional materials.

Learning New Things

Another way to learn new things is to simply look for information on the internet. The internet is home to a vast amount of information on all kinds of subjects, including art. Talented artists have produced tips and tutorials which can be easily accessed, often for free. They may be written, illustrated or video tutorials, allowing you to choose what best fits your learning style.

There are also complete courses available online from a range of providers. Like studying a physical class, you will receive instruction through a series of lessons and then produce assignments for assessment. However, the quality of online courses can vary from very low to vary high, so choose your provider carefully.

Sharing Your Art

You can also use a computer to share your art online. This could be art produced on a computer, or something you have created with traditional materials and then scanned or photographed. Sharing your art online can give you the satisfaction of having it seen and admired, as well as helping you to gather useful feedback from fellow artists.

The most popular site for sharing art online is Deviant Art. However, there are a number of other sites and online communities for artists. You may even wish to create your own site, completely dedicated to showcasing a portfolio of your art.


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Beginner’s Guide for Video Editing Software Services

Beginner’s Guide for Video Editing Software Services

Editing a video and making it a beautiful motion picture in front of a mass needs some expertise and it could be mastered if tried a bit. Video editing is an interesting profession if a person has real interest in experimenting with the raw video footages he gets. Various websites provide video editing software which acts as a comrade to a professional video editor. It is easy to find out expert software for video editing from leading service providers and we can depend on video editing software reviews provided in their official websites. If you are a beginner in this profession there are so many simple tips which will help you to find the right path which leads you to become a successful professional. Some of such tips are given below:


Get a clear idea

A video editing professional should have an ability to think about how the output video should come up. It should be made in such a way that it satisfies the client, the viewers and also the critics. Notes could be taken down about the ideas of the clients and from that notes it is easy to figure out a model of the video which they need. It should suit the situation and it should add colour to the moments shared in the video. An expert editor could transform even a weak footage into a beautiful creative work. Preparing notes about the sequence of the story board, the music which should be added to the scenes, the sound effects to be given and also about the templates, graphics and the titles to be used in the video will help a lot in perfecting each and every stages of the editing process.

Give catchy names

There are so many factors which decide the popularity of a video and its acceptability. Name is an important factor among them and it would be good if suiting names are provided to the clips which are prepared. Also during the process of editing, the clips which are made could be named in short cut ways which helps to sort the needed one out from among them easily.

Keeping so many copies is good

While editing a video, if so many copies of it are made using the media composer, it will be helpful in viewing it from anywhere. It has a special feature which enables you to make changes to any of the copies which will result in an automatic update in all other copies.

Making matches

Different scenes are to be matched up sometimes to create a beautiful effect. It is possible to take different shots which have no connection with each other and which are taken at entirely different time period and merge them together to form a new idea. Video editing software is available in the market with lot of techniques in it. To know about such software, we can depend on different official websites which provide video editing software reviews.

Nonstop Fun On The World Wide Web

There are so many games to pay on the World Wide Web. Gone are the days when one had to wait for the release of the new games. In today’s era the players can download or play online a new game on regular basis as hundreds of games are being released to match the varying preferences of the players according to their age, gender and interests etc. Not only boys and men but the women and girls too can find games according to their interest on the World Wide Web. These games are segregated on the basis of their genres on the different websites which may be free or demand a very reasonable royalty fee from the players. The best part about the online gaming websites is that they are available for the online players around the clock unlike the traditional shops that have operating hours.

While there are many websites that feature multiple games for thousands of players across the world there are several others that deal only in one type of game like the This website allows the players of this game to play the same online or download its files to their gadgets or compatible systems. The players are expected to dodge and dash on the rails escaping the trains and other hurdles. The main character Jake is a hooligan trying to escape an inspector and his dog. The game features;

  1. High definition Graphics
  2. Attractive interface which is easy to load
  3. Multiple jetpacks etc.

At the mentioned website the players of this game will be able to find all the editions of this game from one website only sparing them for searching for the same at the different game websites. The website too is easy to access and allows the players to find the different versions of the game in a time efficient manner.

Another website that offers a gripping game is the This website has been developed keeping in mind that the players are able to find the various versions and releases of the Temple Run game at one place on the World Wide Web. This too is a very interesting running game that features easy to load graphics that do not pose any problems while the game is being loaded or played on the varying gadgets and the computer. The online players who wish to keep their computer memory to save personal or official information prefer playing these games online. However, those who wish to enjoy themselves even in the offline mode prefer downloading the same.

YouTube Ranking Techniques Still Used Today

YouTube Ranking Techniques Still Used Today

Browsing the videos in YouTube will make you realize that you can do almost anything with it as long as it is a video. YouTube has given millions of users worldwide of opportunities that they cannot do before and this is by uploading their self-made videos and share it amongst their friends and social circle in the internet. Some of the bright recording artists and stars that have made it into the mainstream spotlight today came from YouTube when they uploaded their self-made videos out of fun. The most unique videos are the one getting a lot of attention and the authors or the people that are in the video are often called by iconic people to give them a taste of their talents that they have seen in YouTube.


YouTube High Rankings

One of the common traits that these unique videos get viral is how unique their content is. The other is when it is trending in mainstream media although these days those videos will have a hard time getting up top since many people are pursuing it and few ever make unique videos anymore. There are even people making very funny videos while others put more of a twist such as making short action spoof videos of popular video games. You should look for the genre first that makes these videos very popular in the first place. But you should also consider that if you wish to use one of the genres posted in YouTube, you should have a more unique approach with your video rather than recording it for the sake of getting popular. Take note that there is no sure fire way to get your YouTube video high rankings immediately after twenty four hours. You can look further about this subject in

Offsite SEO

Disconnecting from the internet is often used to rank the videos with an ample amount of competition with keywords. There are tools that you can use for such methods such as the social signals and the link building. It is advisable that you make use of appropriate amount of social links plus the links and other good keywords. The use of competitive keywords can be very hard but needs a little bit of work placed into it. You can do this by buying links and do a manual link building like obtaining FB comments or Google+ shares on particular kinds of pages. Other users make use of the skills of an SEO specialist if they want to find unique keywords that will identify their YouTube videos.

Depending on how intense the competition is with, you will be able to see the ranking of your video in YouTube after you have uploaded in it in a few minutes, most of the time less than a minute. You can still work on link building and the social sharing if you wish to rank in more keywords to your YouTube video which will hopefully reach the target that you are aiming for. A few days of patience will help increase the rankings.